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  • Inimco

    Industrial IoT and Cloud Development

    We are helping Inimco deliver cloud based solutions to their clients. Most are situated in the manufacturing sector, and all of them want to gain insight in machine performance, based on the OEE measure. Microsoft Azure is an ideal platform to leverage the data of industrial IoT devices, and to serve applications to deliver this insight to the customer on a global scale.

    We are working directly with Microsoft to improve their IoT Edge components, as this technology continues to mature and gain popularity.

    Primary Technologies: Azure stack (IoT Hub, DPS, EH, SA, SB, TSI, SQL, FunctionApps, Blob Storage, Redis Cache, SignalR, SSAS, DevOps), Power BI, .NET

  • Federal Government

    Cloud Migration and IAM

    Replacing existing outdated software solutions with new micro-services architecture deployed using Azure cloud services as well as merging all different and custom IAM solutions into one ForgeRock deployment, also deployed in Azure.

    Primary Technologies: ForgeRock stack, Azure stack

  • Argenta

    Data Analytics and Dashboarding

    Delivering three dashboards to help Argenta management keeping track of the performance of each of their local bank offices. This involved transforming existing reports which were made in Excel into an automated ETL process, which resulted in more robust and correct dashboards.

    The second project was to deliver a simulation model which was used to explore the possible future outcomes of current potential business strategies. Management used this model to find and negotiate the best strategy.

    Primary Technologies: Python, Pentaho, PL/SQL, MySQL

  • Mediahuis

    Data Analytics and Dashboarding

    Joda Consulting's leading Data Specialist analyzed data residing on different sources to increase the quality and performance of the client's online media. He utilized off-the-shelf and custom tools to monitor daily trends. The analytical results are finally published on an internal website to provide his insights to the internal clients. The tracker and website are hosted on the MS Azure Cloud environment. A data quality monitoring environment was provided with data from Datafactory which can be accessed through Power BI.

    His latest project consisted of developing a Machine Learning recommendation engine which returned the “next best articles to read” based on the reading history of the user, which resulted in a higher CTR compared to the widget without personalization. The algorithm used for this engine was custom-made, combining “collaborative filtering” with the need to provide relevant responses in real-time.

    Primary Technologies: Hadoop, ES, T/SQL, Python, R, Spark, Power BI, NodeJS, Angular, Chartbeat, GA, HDInsight, Machine Learning

  • KBC

    Mobile Dev

    Entering and exiting a car park conveniently using number plate recognition whilst paying automatically with KBC Mobile, expanding KBC Mobile's multibanking capabilities with PayPal and Belfius, helping create a company assistant used by 80% of the employees are just some of the projects worked on by Joda Consulting's java team.

    Primary Technologies: Java

  • ForgeRock


    A short advice round for the BBC to help them tackle some architectural problems with their setup further establishing Joda Consulting's bond with IAM and ForgeRock as a software vendor.

    Primary Technologies: ForgeRock stack

  • Mediahuis

    Digital Transformation

    In this digital age, it is a challenge for the classic printed media to not be left behind, let alone innovate.

    We at Joda Consulting have worked hard to provide them this digital transformation on many fronts. Identity and access management in a brownfield environment, campaign analytics, visitor tracking, ad market, ... and integrating all this into the greenfield mobile strategy.

    Primary Technologies: Java, .NET, JS, Tealium, GTM, 3rd party tag integrations, ForgeRock stack, Redis Cache

Who are we?

Team of highly-skilled technical masters

  • Jonas Christiaens

    Managing Partner

    "Founding this company, I wanted to be my own free agent, independent from clients or employers that don't always agree on things like my training path, for example. I want to surround myself with and be among people who don't necessarily have the same ideas as me, but who share a number of traits that -to me- makes an individual special. Special in the sense that they are a cut above the median colleague. Who stand out, who are liked by a majority. People that are kind, correct and think not in terms of their own paycheck, but in terms of the greater good. Willing to go the distance to get shit done. People who are not meh. The big idea here is to build up a large group of skilled consultants and to eventually bring a product to market that we can support as a brand."

    Jonas is the founder of Joda Consulting. A hard-working individual who is thorough in everything he does, even his hobbies. A reasonable and logical man who puts his employees on a pedestal, putting a lot of focus on the well-being of everyone, and never one to shy away from a gathering after work. He likes to maintain a friendly and transparant relationship to the customers and is willing to work towards reaching the best agreement for both parties.

  • Filip Lejon

    IT Generalist

    "I aim to work (and live) with people who have their head screwed on straight. Joda Consulting is comprised of people with good moral compasses. It offers me an environment -both inside and outside work, might I add- where values like integrity, honesty, kindness and appreciation reign supreme, and where their opposites are actively countered."

    Filip has many years of experience under his belt, in a wide variety of industries and roles. You can count on him to help you where he can, even if he can’t help you. While having a background as C# Software Engineer, he doesn’t feel uncomfortable owning tasks outside of the job description. Clients have described him as being a fundamental part of the team. While his domain of choice is the Microsoft stack, as a true IT Generalist there is no set boundary.

  • Jeroen Mordijck

    Data Scientist

    "From being the pacemaker for a team member’s national record in athletics… to giving it all for my triathlon team in a score-based team competition. My entire life I have enjoyed working together to reach high goals which are otherwise not achievable. Joda Consulting gives me the same thrill to build and grow with a team of close friends."

    We're always looking for people you can count on, and Jeroen is no exception. Always happy to help, and in any discipline. He forms a big part of the company's culture with his humour and his approach to work. Jeroen is a valuable asset in any team and has shown to be capable of leading digital transformation.

  • Kim Goethals

    Management Assistant

    "I would like to describe myself as a flexible, social person who is not afraid of a tough challenge. Assisting and helping people is my motivation. I like events and organizing them, making sure every detail is taken care of. That's why my skills certainly come in handy with Joda Consulting."

    Kim is a powerful, positive and open-minded person and a passionate and balanced worker. She loves to manage various social accounts to maintain brand awareness and expand the reach of the company. Due to Kim’s independence and the quality of her work we feel we can trust her with a wide variety of tasks.

  • Filip Breugelmans

    Project Manager

    "I love to build relations between people, both in a professional and personal atmosphere. In order to succeed in this, I always stay true to my personal values: being true to oneself in any situation (Authenticity), not having any hidden agenda (Transparency) and valuing people for who they are (Inclusion). I found all of these with Joda Consulting where we are not just a team of highly skilled IT professionals, but also a group of friends always looking forward to the next social event."

    Filip has about 20 years of IT experience on his resumé in roles varying from desktop support roles to server management roles, but since his real passion is adding happiness and structure wherever there is not enough of it, he decided to focus on project- and people management. Having successfully managed multiple IT infrastructure projects (datacenter migrations, Active Directory migrations, implementing network and collaboration systems to new office buildings, ...) and IT teams, he just can’t get enough of it and is always looking for the next project to lead or IT team to coach.

  • Hans Vanbellingen

    Java Technical Lead

    "After a long stint at my previous employer, and on the back of 20 years of Java development experience, I was looking for a way to be able to move into more of a coaching role. As I regard teamwork and collaboration very important - after all, there is more knowledge in a lot of heads then in one- I wanted to think through my next career move. I believe Joda Consulting will be able to allow me to both continue following up on the technology space, but also share what I have learned and help other people with realizing their ideas."

    Joda Consulting is always looking to expand with like-minded people, and a few of us knew Hans already from previous collaborations, both professionally and privately. Hans fits in our long-term strategy of attracting masters of technology domains and this aligns with his desire to share his Java experience with up-and-coming talents.

  • Joeri Klomp

    Java Developer

    "For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in learning about technology. This translates very nicely into my professional life as a developer, but so much depends on the people you work with. At Joda Consulting I’ve found a group of people who are very passionate about software development, and sharing their knowledge with those who have less experience. A group of great people who realised long ago that much more can be accomplished as part of a team, and whom I’m lucky enough to call my colleagues."

    Joeri is a Java back-end developer at heart, someone who is always interested in working with other team players to see what can be accomplished together. Eager to expand his knowledge, he will be working with Hans to benefit from his experience. Joeri is someone who takes his work very seriously but never forgets to enjoy himself. As a result, Joeri is always prepared to work on an interesting problem, or to have a good laugh.